About Medication Assisted Treatment

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Switching from a comparable medication is extremely easy!  We typically put patients that switch providers on the same dose they were previously taking.  In some cases the prescription will be altered if the physician feels that the patient was prescribed an excessive dose that would be of no benefit to the patient. However, this rarely occurs.

Patients who switch medication assisted treatment providers will be encouraged to take their dose on the same day at the same time in order to effectively continue their treatment plans.

Daily Clinic Medications

  Because the medication that is provided at daily clinics is a longer acting opioid, it is necessary to be opiate free for 72 hours before starting our therapy. It is important that patients taper very slowly until they are down to at least 30 mg before abstaining completely. If a patient is admitted to the program following the 72 hour period of abstinence, he or she will follow the same process as any other new patient to our practice. Patients should call our office if they have additional questions regarding being switched to our medication-assisted addiction therapy. 

Competitively Priced

Medical Consultants offers some of the best prices for medication assisted addiction therapy in Kentucky and the surrounding states utilizing medication and behavioral modification.  

It is understood that many patients who are seeking help with opioid addiction aren't in the best of financial situations.

We work diligently to provide patients a well-rounded treatment plan. Once a patient is freed from the ups and downs of their former lifestyles, they are usually able to once again maintain steady employment and lead a healthier, more productive life.In some situations, if a patient is able to taper below a certain level, a discount is applied.